Electrical service is provided by Southern Power District. For maintenance or repair call toll free: 888-484-2470 or 946-2964


The village does not have natural gas pipelines. Instead liquid propane gas is used for gas furnaces and appliances.


Water, Sewer, & Garbage
Hordville has municipal water and sewer services for a monthly flat fee. Included in this fee is a household dumpster for garbage removal. The dumpsters are emptied every Thursday morning. You may also arrange for a grass dumpster. Contact Scott Simonsen at First State Bank for details.


Brush and Tree Disposal
Hordville provides a brush and tree disposal area on the North end of town at the corner of 6th and Main. This disposal is for Hordville Residents ONLY and specifically for “organic” brush and tree limbs ONLY and not to be used for any construction debris or any other garbage or refuge.


Large Roll Off Dumpsters
A few times per year the Village of Hordville provides a large roll off dumpster for Hordville Residents ONLY! Most junk and debris can be thrown in these dumpsters but there are some restrictions. NO TIRES, NO APPLIANCES, NO CHEMICALS. If you are unsure please contact the Village Clerk, Scott Simonsen at the First State Bank.


Dog Licenses
Hordville has a policy that ALL dog owners must license their dogs every year. The cost of these licenses are $25.00 for each animal not spayed and $15.00 for spayed. NO animals are allowed to run loose unleashed. They must be kept in a fence, tied up or controlled.


Hamilton Telecommunications provides telephone service for Hordville. There are no long distance charges for calls to Aurora, Central City, Marquette, Hampton, Phillips, Stockham, Giltner, Doniphan, and Trumbull. For customer service dial: 611


Cable T.V.

Digital television service is provided by Hamilton Telecommunication’s Cobalt TV Service. Dial 402-694-5101 for information.


Hamilton.net provides internet services. Call 402-694-6655 for information.