The Hordville School district is now a part of the High Plains Community school district which also includes Polk and Clarks, Nebraska. The school buildings in Hordville are no longer in use for the school district. The current grade configuration is K-3rd in Clarks, 4th & 5th in Polk, 6th, 7th, & 8th in Clarks, and 9th – 12th in Polk. Contact the school for annual changes.
The school phone numbers are:
Grade School / Clarks 308-548-2216
Grade School / Polk 402-765-2271
Middle School / Clarks 308-548-2216
High School / Polk 402-765-3331
Superintendent 402-765-2271
Web site:


Brian Tonniges Superintendent (
Cameron Hudson 4/5 & High School Principal (
Karyee LeSuer K-3 & Middle School Principal (


Board of Education members are:

Kathy Klingsporn, President
Kevin Urkoski, Vice President
Wendy Hudson, Secretary
Karen Stevens, Treasurer
Brian Samuelson, Member
Paul Van Housen, Member